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Manav Migrant Welfare Foundation

          Manav is a voluntary organization working for the betterment and welfare of interstate workers in Kerala. Manav Foundation aims to improve the working, educational, social, economic and cultural life of interstate workers. The major thrust area of Manav is to enhance the living standards of these workforce and improve the quality of life by providing supports, aids and advices.

              Manav is headquartered in Aluva, Ernakulam district. Leading social activists, cultural figures and human rights activists in Kerala who are interested in the welfare of interstate workers are collaborating with Manav Migrant Welfare Foundation.

           People's Foundation, one of the topmost social service voluntary organizations in kerala is the mother organization of Manavfoundation. Manav is work in partnership with Vision 2026 and other likeminded organizations.

Aims and Objectives

  • Total welfare of interstate labours
  • Skill development training and implement additional skill acquisition programmes
  • Plan and execute projects for educational upliftment for the children of migrant labours
  • Join hands with government agencies on projects related to interstate workers.
  • Projects for the socio-economic advancement of workers
  • Projects for the cultural upliftment of workers.
  • Act as a liaison agency for various grievances of workers.
  • Try to create healthy residential employment systems for workers.
  • To study the socio-political implications of labour and to figureout practical activities.
  • Build a sustainable eco system for labours

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